Concealment Flag


The Concealment Flag is a magnetic locking, wall surface mounted, concealment solution. It was created in collaboration with Flags of Valor. This product is only available with magnetic locking and slides left to open in order to comply with American Flag etiquette.  The front cover is a Flags of Valor flag that is handcrafted by U.S. combat veterans in the heart of Virginia.


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The Concealment Flag is a magnetic locking, surface mounted, concealment solution. Created in collaboration with Flags of Valor, this product has a flag that was handcrafted and painted by a combat veteran. The flag only slides open to the left to comply with proper American Flag etiquette.

*Note: Each flag is handmade and painted by a combat veteran. Therefore, each flag is unique. In some cases, the finish is applied heavily to seal the pinewood on  which it is painted. The flags are finished with a distressed style that may include slight imperfections in the wood or the finish itself.

Dimensions and Material:

The external dimensions are roughly 16″W x 32″H x 3.75″D. Width when fully open is 30.25″.  The hidden compartments are made of U.S. sourced ABS plastic and poplar. There are 3 interior compartments. From top to bottom, the compartments are 12.5″W x 9.5″H x 1.5″D, 12.5″W x 8.5″H x 1.5″D, and 12.5″W x 6″H x 1.5″D.


  • (1) Fully assembled FOV x TW Concealment Flag
  • (1) XL retention magnet
  • (1) Magnet Key, Anchors & Fasteners

Additional information

Shipment Weight 17 lbs
Shipment Dimensions 35 × 20 × 5 in

There are 3 interior compartments: From top to bottom, the compartments are 12.5"W x 9.5"H x 1.5"D, 12.5"W x 8.5"H x 1.5"D, and 12.5"W x 6"H x 1.5"D


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