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Our hours of operation are:

Mon – Thu 9am – 430pm
Fri 9am – 2pm
Sat – Sun Closed

You can reach us by phone during these hours at 540-298-8906.

You can always send us direct messages on Facebook, Instagram, and email.

They were designed to work between the studs of a 16 on center standard 2×4 wall. However, if you are creative and industrious it could be made to work with a variety of wall types. (We do not recommend you try installing the inserts into cinder block or brick walls for obvious structural integrity reasons.)

USA, USA, USA! More specifically, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Wood products are made of poplar, furniture grade birch plywood, and pine. Plastic products are made of U.S. sourced ABS plastic which makes it very light and very durable. MOD Wall products are made with High Density Polyethylene. Materials for each product may be found in either the long description on the product page, or under the dimensions tab on the product page.

              Speed, convenience, simplicity. Plus you can hide this where you wouldn’t put a safe. Safes are great but I wouldn’t lock up a weapon which I’m depending on to protect my life and my family.

               Honestly, have you ever tried entering your pass code in the dark? Under stress? It is not the easiest thing to do. Plus if you need to react and seconds count, do you even take the time to re-lock the safe? If yes. you are wasting even more valuable seconds. If no, your safe isn’t really a safe anymore is it?  Now it’s just an unlocked storage container, kinda just like a Tactical Wall insert. Except your unlocked safe is full of all your other guns that could potentially be stolen. But when you grab your defense weapon out of your Tactical Wall, all your other guns remain locked away in your safe, plus you didn’t just waste valuable seconds unlocking and then re-locking your safe.

Please email us at [email protected] for bulk pricing and shipping options.

Tactical Walls
611 Williams Ave.
Shenandoah, VA 22849

Some products are non-locking, some use magnets to lock. See the product descriptions for locking information.

We offer various sizes of most of our products and will continue to add new products in the future. Please see the “dimension” tab on each product page to find dimensions of each product and its components.

No. If you really want to use our products to show off your collection you may choose not to hide anything. ModWall is perfect to display that collection

Most of our products will work anywhere that you have room to install them!

No, we use super strong rare earth neodymium magnets with our units. Your average refrigerator or craft type magnets will not have the pull force required to activate the latches.

Yes, the mirrors were designed so that it can be hung upside down to open the opposite direction from any of our pictures.

It was designed to hold 1 mid length rifle and two handguns as well as a few other pieces of kit. But due the the never ending variety and sizes of SBR’s you may be able to fit two or three in there. Honestly, you’d be better off buying one unit for each rifle. Just sayin’.

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