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You have to admit, hidden gun furniture technology and ideas have come a long way. For example, these shelves not only look great, but they’re also functional. No one but you would ever know it’s full of firearms. Guns hidden, locked and ready to go at a moments notice.
"Just in Case" Jack
founder of skilledsurvival.com
As a single woman who values safety and design, I love my new Tactical Walls 825 PLS concealment shelf. It perfectly complements my master bedroom suite with its quality craftsmanship while covertly keeping my 9mm stored safely with quick access. Many thanks!
Jenni from California
TacticalWalls, I wanted to say thank you for helping me through the ordering process. I had several questions about your Wall Clock, which I purchased after the great answers I received from [I think] Heidi (sorry, I can’t recall her name but she was super nice). I received the Wall Clock today, and it’s already hanging on the wall looking awesome. It matches our decor perfectly. We had a cheap – literally, my wife paid $1.00 – wall clock made of particle board with a junk paper clock face glued onto it that was already bubbling. At first, I have to say that I wasn’t sure of the quality that the Wall Clock would have. I was afraid the clock face was made of the same cheap particle board or cardboard. Obviously, I was sorely mistaken! The flexible high-quality plastic or composite whatever-it-is won’t ever peel or break apart. Awesome job. You should put that in the item’s description! 😉 The instructions for the clock mechanism and for mounting were spot on, except we don’t have drywall in our old house, we have plaster. I modified the instructions and used anchors in keeping with what I know about these kinds of walls. 🙂 But that’s not your fault, it’s this old house (it’s because of our walls that I can’t order your in-wall mirror storage units, sadly). I appreciate what you’re doing and the product is awesome. My wife, the decor boss, gives it two thumbs up. She loves it. Nice work folks, and God bless. We’ll be doing more business in the future.
B. Robertson
We are very happy with the products and wouldn’t hesitate to buy other items from Tactical Walls in the future. These fit right into the decor of the house and no one would ever suspect theses shelves conceal our weapons.
David from Florida
Wow! Awesome Product! It turned out nicer than I thought it would. I’m already planning to add a few more to round-out my home security plan. The provide instructions and install was straight forward and very easy to understand. I had to be a little creative and flexible on the install but it turned out nicer than I thought it would. The only problem that I ran into was at the location I chose. Sensor picked up some hot electrical and unfortunately the studs measured 24 inches apart not 14 inches. Right side of the mirror frame and inserts secured nicely into the stud on the right. For the left side, I used three Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors (rated at 65lbs each) to secure the frame to the drywall. Inserts were secured into the frame on the left side of the cut-out. Also, wiring inside the wall had enough slack to allow good fit for the insert.
Very happy with the product.
I installed my 1450M last night and wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it. I am not the handiest guy on the planet and I found installation easy enough. Took me only a few hours and the toughest part was just finding the right spot on the right wall. The concealment kit and mirror is well made, attractive, solid and sturdy, and I have every confidence that it will be in place for years to come. Thank you for a high quality product that is as advertised.
Mike from Maryland
Thank you for a great product. Installation was a breeze and as you can tell it looks great! Thank you too for the discount you offer for law enforcement and prior military!
Looks great, was an easy install. Even my wife likes it. Thanks so much!
Your guy’s work is top notch, love my Tactical Walls!
I thought the canvas turned out great and it was installed easily in 45 minutes.
You all continue to blow me away!! I was extremely impressed at the quality, quantity and placement of the packing material that was used with the first shelf! Kuddos for going above and beyond yet again for your customers!
Kelly from California
I received my order last week, and installed it this weekend…I am VERY happy with it, and the people I trust enough to show it to will get an excellent review/recommendation to buy your product.
Bruce from Texas
Easy to install, I bolted mine directly to the wall. Tactical Walls build these by hand, they are a family owned company and their service is top notch. I am VERY pleased with mine, the quality is outstanding!
Matt from Texas
The install went like clockwork , woke up at 7 had coffee surfed the web a while , decided to get at it after breakfast and by 10 am I was done. Looks awesome , momma loves it , I dig it , it’s a two fer !home run!
Randy from Michigan
Coolest thing I bought this year!
Jim from Kentucky
I just received my Tactical Walls 1450M Bundle pack and I am truly impressed by this awesome product. The “wow” factor was there when I studied it online and finally ordered it but little did I know how much of a “wow” factor it would have as the day that I finally received it. First and foremost, the quality is impressive. The mirror is of topnotch quality and was much better than I thought it was going to be (solid wood). The instructions were also incredibly easy to follow and installing this product was very easy and I’m the type that ends up breaking things when I’m trying to fix them. If I can do it, anyone can. Customer Service at Tactical Walls is great as well. Chris and the Tactical Walls staff were extremely patient in answering all of my questions and they truly catered to my needs. It’s such a breath of fresh air to come across a company like this that not only stands by their product but also takes the time to truly take care of their customers. I received my bundle last night and I’ve already pitched it to all of my friends who have been discussing alternative ways to store their firearms. This is a top notch company with a phenomenal product and even better customer service. Thanks Tactical Walls!
Oscar L from Florida
To me, one of the key things that separate great companies from good companies is customer service. Tactical Walls is clearly in the great category. Recently I purchased a 1450 bundle. Installation went smoothly but when complete the door seemed to drag. On close inspection it appeared the frame and door were out of alignment and this was causing my problem. I took some pictures and emailed them to Chris and Tim (web site Contact Us). Chris replied – on a Sunday afternoon – that this was not up to their standards and a new door and frame would be shipped right away. Chris provided several email updates on the shipment’s status until I had a tracking number in hand. When the new door and frame arrived I installed them and everything works as expected. A few days later I received a phone call from Tim checking on the new parts. Wow. Clearly you care about both your product and your customers. My wife was the first to come across your products at a recent gun show. She pulled me aside to look at what she had seen. It was a safe, furniture-quality way to keep firearms handy. As we walked away from the demo she said, “I need a full length mirror.” It was like she said I didn’t fish enough or watch enough football; the message was clear. We returned home and checked possible locations (wall stud locations, room for door opening) for the 1450 bundle. Once we identified a location that worked, I ordered the 1450 and as they say, the rest is history. Thanks again for a great product and your quick response in resolving my issue.
Billy from Texas
Great piece of kit! I have two of the first ones in my house! Great concept!
James from Virginia
It was easy to install and looks great
Dan from Illinois
My Series 1410 Concealment Cover & Insert Bundle was delivered by UPS at 6:05PM and had it installed by 7PM. Installation instructions were clear and had no issues installing. I am absolutely amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of this unit. The quality and design far exceeded my expectations. I love it!
Steve from Florida
There’s tons of tactical storage space. The mirror frame is stunning and the construction of the highest quality.
You have a great product with good instructions! The install was quick and easy, I love it. Tim, I was impressed with the “fit and finish”! Nice job! A very happy customer! It was worth the wait!
Mike from Nebraska
Just wanted to give you all a huge thanks for developing this product and also making it affordable!
Miranda from Minnesota
Phenomenal concept! We have one in our shop. Perfect for home defense! Keeps your weapon out of sight but easily accessible in the event that you need it quickly.
High Threat Concealment
Thanks for getting my order taken care of, great customer service.
Matthew from Texas
It’s gorgeous and the design is brilliant!
Dan from Washington
I appreciate the concern for the customers and processing orders this fast with what is going on. Truly shows great customer service, I can’t wait to receive the product.
David from Nevada
Thank you! It’s a Great Product! Keep up the good work!
Hector from California
I love what you guys are doing. Keep it up!
Dear Tim Matter and the entire team @tacticalwalls, I am a first time purchaser of your product and I just received delivery of the 1450 Concealment Mirror, and although I haven't installed it yet, I want to acknowledge the quality workmanship of this product, and the care you placed to assure safe delivery. I was originally hesitant to purchase this unit not knowing the full background of this company, but since I received the first thank email which ended with "Take care and God Bless" - I knew I was in good hands. I commend you for continuing to update me as I know the lead times are uncertain with these type of items, but I felt assured throughout the process. I pray for your continued success. We need more American companies to follow your lead and example. You have made me a loyal customer and I will definitely let all of my family and friends know about your products and services. so for now - Take care and God Bless you and the entire Tacticalwall family!
David from New Jersey
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