ModWall Firearm

The Tactical Walls, ModWall Firearm, is a modular solution, perfect for organizing and displaying your firearms and gear on the wall. The distinctive benefits of our solution is in their adaptable design, customization options, and potential for expansion as your gun collection expands.

We offer pre-designed options for your display and storage needs. Our storage modules and wall panels can be added and arranged to fit your preferences and firearm and accessory necessities.

Need help to plan and design your gun room? We can build your dream gun room come true. Contact Our Specialists.

Nine Gun Pack

Fully customizable to your needs and easy to install, it’s designed to hold up to 9 pistols, rifles, shotguns, and their accessories and gear. All accessories and panels are made of High Density Polyethylene and ABS for that sturdy and non-abrasive fit and finish.  

Patriot Pack

A great starter pack for your ModWall system, the Patriot Pack, is designed for your firearm, gear, and accessories. It gives you a fantastic start with a variety of accessories to organize with such as Vest Hanger, Hide-A-Mags, and a Large Shelf.

Horizontal Racks

Your multi-functional solution for horizontal firearm display and storage applications. This simple solution works for a variety of rifles, shotguns, and even long-guns. 

ModWall accessories & panels

Horizontal Rail Rack

Horizontal Rifle Rack

Horizontal Shotgun Rack

Pistol Hangers

Give your handguns a place on the wall with a variety of accessories tailored to your gun type, space, and accessibilities. 

modwall panel
ModWall accessories & panels

Pistol Hanger


Holster Hanger

QLS Holster Hanger

Multi-Pistol Hanger

Rifle Hangers

Designed for the most popular rifles of the AR and AK chassis, the Rifle Hangers replace the magazine in the mag well for a clean and easy to use wall display and storage solution. 

ModWall accessories & panels

AR-15 Hanger

AK Hanger

AR-10 Hanger

Vertical Racks

Orient your rifles and shotguns upright with ModWall Vertical Racks by the magazines or by the chassis. 

modwall panel

Vertical Rifle Rack

Multi-Rifle Rack

Storage & Gear

We offer an array of storage options, ranging from heavy gear hangers to various firearm accessory shelves and racks. 

modwall panel

Helmet Hanger

XL Shelf

AR-15 Mag Rack

AR-10/AK Mag Rack

Small Shelf

Large Shelf

Pistol Mag Rack

ModWall accessories & panels

Tactical Belt Mount

3x3 Strap Block

Shotgun Shell Holder

Flashlight Holder


Duty Belt Holder

4x4 Strap Block

Light up your display, work area, or storage space with the ModWall Panel-length Light Shelf equipped with a powerful LED bar. 

DTW Solutions

Direct-To-Wall ModWall Solutions are the various interpretations and adaptations of the ModWall system. All ModWall accessories and adapters are interchangeable and are designed to work in most orientations and applications.