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The Alpha WallMags were designed to display and store the most high-end rifle builds in an inconspicuous manner while matching the secure and tactical fit and finish of the rifles displayed.

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Display and store your tactical-build AR-15 or AK-style rifle by the mag-well with our Alpha WallMags. Designed to be indistinguishable from a fully-loaded 30-round magazine, the WallMag enables a minimalistic and clean wall-mounted rifle display that is easily deployable. Each WallMag is engineered around the typical AR-15-style and AK variation rifles. Rule is, if your rifle accepts the AR-15 or AK magazine, the WallMag will work as well. This Alpha series is designed to lock just like the standard magazines. *AR-15 WallMags only lock on right-facing options. The left-facing WallMags only lock with left-handed rifles.*

AR-15 Alpha WallMags utilize the mag-release mechanism of your rifle for a satisfying and secure lock and unlock, even enabling the user to display their rifle vertically if desired.

AK Alpha WallMags work with both 7.62 and 5.45 AK variants. The WallMag clips into place just like a standard AK magazine would.

Each WallMag is optioned out in rifle type, right or left-facing, and solo or Nano. The solo option gets you just the WallMag which works with our ModWall 2″x2″ modular slot system, commonly used with a ModWall Panel. The Nano option gives you a minimalistic display or storage solution utilizing the Nano Mount.

Alpha WallMags are made primarily from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic which is tough enough to securely work with your rifles but soft enough to never damage or alter them.

Additional information

Hanger Shape

AK, AR-15

Facing Option

Left Facing, Right Facing

ModWall Variations

Nano, Solo

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