MidMOD Rifle Display Package


The MidMod Rifle Display Package is perfect for those with limited wall space who want to keep their rifle at the ready.  For those not wanting to broadcast that you have a firearm this mount is perfect for mounting/hiding your firearm and magazines behind a rack of clothes in a closet.  Add the optional ModWall Mag Rack Holder (shown) if you wish to keep your filled magazines and rifle in close proximity to each other. (Type of rifle rack shown in photos is the “rail” rack)

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The MidMod Rifle Display Package panel itself measures a scant 36″x6″ making it perfectly suited to those not wanting to dedicate an entire wall to a firearms display.
Pick which mount best suits your rifle or shotgun, although they will all work with any type of rifle.  The Adaptive Rail Mount is perfect for those with an adaptive rail on the bottom of the handguard but still works with any rifle.  Optional ModWall Mag Rack Holder can be added to this package.
See more of what we have to offer for our ModWall collection: https://tacticalwalls.com/modwall-main-2/

Additional information

Shipment Weight 6 lbs
Shipment Dimensions 36.5 × 8 × 2 in

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