1242 Top Locking Concealment Shelf

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The 1242 Concealment Shelf is our largest and most popular surface mounted concealment solution. Perfect for securing rifles up to 42″ in length.


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The 1242 Top Locking Concealment Shelf has a foam-lined secret compartment that is 12″D x 42″W.

Installation is as easy as hanging any common shelf (see video). To access the secret compartment, simply disengage the hidden locks with the supplied keys at the (2) locations on the shelf top. The bottom half of the shelf is lowers smoothly with the assistance of a pneumatic strut.

Optional L.E.D. lights illuminate using a motion sensor. https://tacticalwalls.com/product/led-light/

To secure additional firearms to the bottom side of the shelf (see photo) checkout our Hide-a-mag. https://tacticalwalls.com/product/hide-a-mags/

You can easily customize the medium density polyurethane foam insert to fit your needs. Simply cut the required shapes out of the foam, peel the self-adhesive backing, and attach it to the compartment bottom. The foam securely holds everything in place.

We manufacture the 1242 in the United States, right here in our Shenandoah, Virginia, facility using furniture grade 9-ply birch plywood as well as other solid hardwoods.  The products we make contain absolutely NO fiberboard, OSB or other cheap wood.

Your shelf will arrive fully assembled and ready to install. Our shelves are designed for use with standard 2″ x 4″ stud framing. We supply two shelf brackets for you to install on the top of the shelf for added support, also acting as bookends.

1242 Package Includes

  • 1242 Top Locking Concealment Shelf,
  • 2 Magnetic Keys,
  • 42″x12″x1.5″ Customizable Foam Pad
  • 2 Brackets
  • Anchors and Screws


Additional information

Shipment Weight 30 lbs
Shipment Dimensions 62 × 18 × 8 in

1242 FOAM: Material: Polyester foam, Depth 12", Width 42", Thickness 1.5", Max Weight Load: 20lb on shelf / 20lb inside, Material: Finished Poplar, Birch plywood, Pine, Width 50 3/4", Height 5", Depth 14 1/2"

11 reviews for 1242 Top Locking Concealment Shelf

  1. Joe

    1242 Rifle Shelf
    From Joe of La Porte, Indiana on 11/15/2015.

    Right out of the box, the quality and finish of the product is top notch. This is not just a functional fixture but it’s elegant and fits perfectly the rest of my decor.

    I got the rope trim and I’d recommend it, the added details distract the eyes and really make it impossible to know what it can do. The only note might be if you get directly under it and can shine a light up, you could see the hinges but your face basically has to be flush with wall to notice the barely 2mm area. If anyone gets under the shelf and then presses their face up against the wall like that, the gig would be up anyway, so it’s not like it’s something anyone would notice, even standing 1 foot from the shelf.

    Went up quick and easy. I free floated mine (no brackets) which isn’t recommended but it’s been 5 months and not a problem. I only put light weight objects on top just in case though.

    My video review is here, including the free float installation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty1fo_0EdW0

  2. Dan

    Shelf is awesome!!!
    From Dan of BRECKSVILLE, Ohio on 12/16/2015.

    Shelf is awesome!!! The only hiccup I had was the office building I installed it in uses steel studs, this means an additional run to the hardware store (supplying steel stud fasteners would be very helpful! Otherwise, WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!!!

  3. Richie

    I have several around my home
    From Richie of Yonkers, New York on 2/19/2016.

    I have several around my home, AWESOME product!!!!! A+!!! The customer service is as good as the product!!! sorry it took me 7 months to write a review.

  4. John

    I am pleased with my shelf.
    From John of BIRDSBORO, Pennsylvania on 3/12/2016.

    Nice job with the shelf products. Delivery was quick and complete- product is great- installation a breeze. Now I want more- can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

  5. Eric

    1242 Magnetic Lock
    From Eric of Ashland City, Tennessee on 10/15/2016.

    I purchased this shelf shortly after they were released (so is has the magnet opening devices). In my old house I had used it as an electronics shelf located under my TV pushing the limits (& most likely even exceeding) of the 20lb top load. The shelf has worked exceptionally well for me, and since I have moved become a shelf that holds pictures, knick-knacks, and other keep sakes.

    The magnets to open the shelf I keep hidden behind a picture attached to the bookend uprights. The magnetic placement to open the shelf takes some getting used to. However, I have treated them just like a holster draw, the more I practiced it, the more second nature it has become. So that if I have to get into the shelf in the unfortunate situation of a home invasion, I can with no problem.

    The craftsmanship is exceptional, and for the select few that I revealed what the shelf’s true purpose is they have had nothing but high praises to give. I shelf currently holds my AR-15, one loaded 30 round mag, my 1911, two loaded mags for it, and my flashlight.

  6. Rob Pincus

    1242 Rifle Shelf
    From Rob Pincus of Unknown, Colorado on 11/14/2016.

    Great Clandestine Staging Option. I have two, one magnet and one RFID. Both set up with an AR and some other items.

  7. Anonymous

    Absolute top quality build!
    From Anonymous of United States, Alabama on 1/4/2017.

    Ablosulte top quality build! Just as good quality and looks as good (if not better) than all the other non tactical designer shelfs my wife puts up!! It’s so well done she loved it and didn’t yell at me!! That’s a real compliment right there lemme tell yah! Customer service was promt, polite and a pleasure to deal with!
    Beautiful product and a real praise to do buisness with A+ people beautiful job! you will have a life long customer.

  8. Hoppdeezy

    1242 Rifle Shelf
    From Hoppdeezy of West VA, West Virginia on 1/30/2017.

    Now I know where Erik Ludwig keeps the magnets to open his shelf! Better hide those again! In all seriousness, great product. Well made and looks like well made furniture also. I recommend it to anyone seeking an alternative way to store their firearms that is discreet and secure.

  9. Alan

    great product
    From Alan of Howell, New Jersey on 10/27/2017.

    great product, easy install liberals come over and admire themselves in the mirror and i just smile. ( unfortunately I Know a lot of liberals, The Saturday night conversations can be pretty intense lol) Highly recommended!!!!!

  10. Eric (verified owner)

    Fantastic, high a quality product. Totally worth the wait, and I’ll happily support ANY company that takes pride in their workmanship here in this country. Absolutely first class people too. I’ll be buying more Tactical Walls products in the future. Can’t recommend them enough.

  11. Sonny G (verified owner)

    Excellent top notch product and workmanship, easy to install and works great.

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