1440 Home Bundle

1440 Home Bundle


The 1440 Home Bundle gives you the most flexibility when planning your home defense reaction plan. Multiple concealed locations means you will have more options should you ever need to defend your home. More options means, you can best choose the location that will give you the quickest response to a given threat. Speed is crucial when it comes to defending your home. Our inserts can greatly enhance your current home defense plans. Includes: (2) 1440 Inserts and (2) Accessory Shelves.

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Product Description

Made of durable ABS plastic our inserts are designed to fit nicely behind photos, bulletin boards, white boards, or one of our Concealment Covers. The shelf can be flipped over and used as a shallow tray if so desired, or can be left out if you prefer to store larger items in your insert. The concept being that you keep a rifle in your bedroom, and a pistol/rifle by your front or rear doors. Of course, in reality you use them as you see fit. Plan the best home defense layout for your home and your desired items. By buying in a bundle instead of individually you will save yourself $15.00.

Additional Information

1440 Insert
MaterialABS Plastic w/ velcro
Accessory Shelf
MaterialABS Plastic w/ velcro


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