ModWall Nano Mounts


Small enough to be unnoticed; large enough of a change to take your ModWall to the next level!


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The Nano Mount. Designed to work with every single ModWall accessory without the need for a backplate or panel. The Nano Mount incorporates the 2-inch slot system for easy, quick, and secure mounting of ModWall accessories with an equal weight capacity to a large panel (when mounted to a wall stud of course). With the Nano Mount, the arrangement of your gear on your wall becomes infinite, only confined by wall stud locations and wall space.


Selected quantity of Nano Mounts.

2 Drywall screws (per Mount)

2 Drywall screw anchors (per Mount)



Quantity of Nano Mounts Needed for ModWall Accessories:

(1) Nano needed for:

Pistol Hangers, Hide-A-Mags, Holster Hanger, AR15 Hangers, AK Hangers, AR10 Hangers, AR10/AK Mag Rack Hanger, AR15 Mag Rack Hanger, Pistol Mag Rack Hanger, Tactical Belt Mount, Flashlight Holder, Shotgun Shell Holder, Reloading Die Holder, Punch Set Holder, Accessory Hooks, and Magnetic Weapons Lock.


(2) Nanos needed for:

Horizontal Rifle/Shotgun Racks, Horizontal Rail Racks, QLS Holster Hanger, Multi-Pistol Hanger, Multi-Rifle Rack, Helmet Hanger, Vest Hanger, Large Shelf, Small Shelf, Duty Belt Holder, Revolver Hanger, 3×3 Strap Block, and 4×4 Strap Block.


(3) Nanos needed for:

XL Shelf


(4) Nanos needed for:

Vertical Rifle Racks

Additional information

Shipment Weight 1 lbs
Shipment Dimensions 5 × 1 × 3 in

These products are made with HDPE plastics which are durable enough to hold your gear, but soft enough to protect your finishes.

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