Home Defense Starts With You

After hearing for the umteenth time from various people about how “you should do a blog” I guess it’s time to jump into the blogosphere. For quite a while I felt, “who cares what I think?” But after the suggestion keeps coming up I guess maybe there’s something to it. So here we go. What kind of journey will we find ourselves on with this blog? At this point it’s tough to say. But given the team and travels we have I imagine that we will cover a very broad range of topics as time goes on. My intention with this blog is to educate, entertain, and inspire. While we will cover many topics, and I will do my best to keep the reading easy. I do ask that you be patient with me as I will surely stir the anger of the grammar section of the third reich. With that, I welcome you to the Tactical Walls blog….

Doogie Howser sitting at the computerAs I sit here in front of my glowing screen like Neil Patrick Harris at the end of an episode of Doogie Howser. I can’t help but feel I should write something very prophetic. Although I must admit, have no good excuse for wearing a doctors white coat at this very moment. However, I do find that more people tend to call me sir when I do. So I think this may become common practice. Additionally, I really don’t need to be playing the closing credit soundtrack on cassette, but it just feels a lot better typing when I do.

When asked where the idea for Tactical Walls came from I recount the story that was the inspiration for the concept. Its a story I will spare you at this point because we only have enough room for one Neil Patrick Harris reference in this blog post, and I already used it. Needless to say I wanted to hide some guns. I created a product, saw the potential for others to benefit, and set off on a course to attempt to turn a single product into a company. In going through this process I found that I had a lot to cover. But one of the first things I did was research home invasions and crime statistics in the United States over the last twenty years or so trying to get a grasp of how beneficial this new product could be. WOW!! What an eye opener. If you are looking to burn some time there is no shortage of information on crimes and break-ins. Unfortunately, on top of the studies and reports that already exist, there are undoubtedly a certain percentage that are never even reported and included into the data. With several folders of studies and statistics on my computer I was confident that the product that we had created would be well received and would potentially help people defend their homes and themselves from becoming a statistic.

While home invasions are serious business it is important to remember not to let the statistics get you down. Being positive is very important when considering home defense. Being proactive and having a plan set in place is one of the best ways you can be prepared. Having proper training and equipment is important to stay positive and comfortable for any situation you may find yourself in. Having the right mindset is paramount in a crisis situation. With the right tools and training, your odds of survival and success are so much higher than they would be otherwise. In addition to the defensive advantage you gain. Having a system to store your firearms may very well keep them out of the bad guys hands and off the streets.

You don’t have to be Doogie Howser to recognize that having a plan and being prepared is just plain smart.

Well you are reading this so you either made it all the way through, or you just skipped ahead. Either way, enjoy this and good luck trying to get this out of your head…