1440 Sliding Concealment Canvas Set


LIMITED TIME OFFER! 1 of 1  Sliding Concealment Canvas Set; a three-piece, hand-painted, and very rare bundle is now available for purchase! This Canvas Set is the ultimate concealment home furniture for those looking for something extra unique and unsuspecting.

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This 1440 Custom Wall Canvas Set is a very limited edition bundle and will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis! It showcases our unique wall insert, which adds a classy decorative touch.

This canvas set provides two large hidden compartments hiding behind a full-length, three-piece, hand-painted canvas. This home defense solution is recessed between 16″ on center studs and requires a hole in your wall. The large storage compartment is 14″W x 40″H x 3.5″D.

To open the 1440 Sliding Canvas, simply disengage the hidden lock with supplied magnetic key to the lock location on the front of the frame. Once located, the lock adheres to the frame and the door can open. Magnetic firearm retention makes accessing and organizing your hardware even more convenient.

The 1440 Custom Sliding Canvas Set is handmade in the United States, with poplar and furniture grade birch plywood. We manufacture the inserts from U.S. sourced ABS plastic right here in our Shenandoah, Virginia facility. The slides provide a smooth opening and closing. Magnetic firearm retention makes accessing and organizing your hardware even more convenient.

1450 Sliding Concealment Canvas Set Includes

  • 1440 Custom Canvas (3)
  • 1440 Insert (2)
  • 1440 Center Dummy Frame (1)
  • 2 Large Retention Magnets
  • 1 Small Retention Magnet
  • Magnetic Key

Additional information


1440 Distressed Barnwood Insert: Material: ABS plastic w/ loop side Velcro, Width: 14", Height: 40", Depth 3.5", 1440 HINGED COVER: Material: Finished Poplar Wood Furniture Grade Birch Plywood (Sub-frame), 1440 HINGED COVER: Width: Closed 22.5", Height: 50", Insert Depth 3.5", Frame Depth from the wall out: 2.5"


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