Memorial Day 2018

Written by Tim Matter, Founder of Tactical Walls


Instead of running a Memorial Day sale, Tactical Walls will be donating 5% of normal Memorial Day Weekend purchases made from Saturday to Monday to The Special Operations Warrior Foundation. We want to honor our fallen by helping an organization that provides support, education benefits, and so much more for the children of the members of the special operations community who haven’t come home. For more information on the mission of Special Operations Warrior Foundation, visit their website here.

With that being said, let’s talk about Memorial Day.

What is Memorial Day? Well I’ll tell you what it’s not… or at least what it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be used as a marketing tool to sell you cars, couches, or even Tactical Walls, when we should be honoring those who have fought and fallen on our behalf. Memorial Day is supposed to be a day of remembrance and reflection for the freedoms we enjoy and the cost that some families and individuals have paid for those freedoms. It should be about barbecues, picnics, parades, and celebrations. It should be about quiet reflections and parents telling children about the brave who have sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy the lives we live.

All too often, businesses like to use holidays to appeal to your wallet instead of recognizing the true meaning of the holiday. At Tactical Walls, we have always tried to recognize the true purpose of Memorial Day, Veterans day, and other days of remembrance. We believe that trying to make a buck in the wake of such sacrifice is the wrong way to honor those who have fought and fallen for their families and for their country. That is why we have chosen not to run a sale for Memorial Day. We encourage our friends, families, customers and employees to recognize why Memorial Day exists, and to share it with their loved ones.

We understand that some people do enjoy the sales and savings, and feel that it is just part of the holiday. I would encourage everyone NOT to shop on Memorial Day. There are 364 other days in the year that you can save money on cars, couches, and even Tactical Walls. I would encourage you to put the phones down and get off the internet for one day. Instead, light the grill and have some conversations. Look at old photos. Have a few laughs and maybe a cry in remembrance of the sacrifice of the ones who haven’t come home. I think this is the best way to honor their memory. If you’ve made it this far I hope you agree and you share this message. Together, we can remember those who deserve it the most.

Tactical Walls will honor our regular Military, LE, and first responder discounts through the holiday weekend. We have also been running a promotion for clearance and overstock items that will stay the same through the holiday. However, we ask that you recognize that this was an ongoing promotion and is not part of a Memorial Day promotion of any kind.

From all of us at Tactical Walls, have a safe and happy Memorial Day.


Special Operations Warrior Foundation pledges to ensure full college funding to every surviving child of a special operator who loses their life in the line of duty. For more information about the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, please visit their website here.