Installation Instructions & Demos

In-Wall Instructions

Installing a TACTICAL WALLS insert can be a very simple project but there are several factors you need to understand. Our inserts were designed to work with “standard” pine 2×4 construction that was framed 16 inches on center. Does this mean that our insert will not work otherwise? NO, not necessarily. However, the installation process for any other type of wall will require other instructions and likely other processes as well. Because they were designed specifically for 16 inches on center framing with “standard” pine 2x4s that is the only process our installation instructions will cover. Installing our insert in any other type of wall is done at your own risk. TACTICAL WALLS does not advise you to attempt installing in any other type of wall.

Walls can be a mystery. Our inserts work amazing when installed during new construction because you know exactly where wires and pipes are run. But chances are you have several walls in your home that will work great with our inserts, and chances are those walls have been finished for a long time. Here are a few things you need to consider and look for before you even pick up a single tool. Find out what is running in your wall. Are there pipes? Electrical wiring? duct’s? Is there a brick wall that has been drywalled or paneled over? Look for tell tale signs of potential obstacles. Receptacles, switches, and vents. If you see any on EITHER side of the wall you wish to use you are going to have to figure out how things are run inside your wall. Taking some time at this step to ensure your wall is clear and suitable will save you much frustration, and danger when you when you attempt to cut your hole. Make sure you are ABSOLUTELY certain that your wall is free and clear before you even begin. Please take your time and be SAFE.  BE SURE YOUR WALL SPACE IS CLEAR BEFORE BEGINNING! TACTICAL WALLS IS NOT responsible for your new hole or your injury if you do not heed our warnings and advice. MAKE SURE YOUR WALL IS CLEAR OF ALL OBSTACLES BEFORE CUTTING.

As a gun owner TACTICAL WALLS sincerely hopes you have a great grasp of the concept of SAFETY FIRST. The installation of our inserts is a multi-step process. Start to finish will be anywhere from 30 minutes to ALL weekend depending on your available tools, and your skills with said tools. Keep in mind, TACTICAL WALLS suggests you use the proper tools, and you use those tools only in a manner consistent with the manufactures intended uses. The proper tools can make the job quick, simple, enjoyable, but most importantly SAFE.  So do yourself a favor and use the proper tools.

Tools that should be considered for safe proper installation:

Now that TACTICAL WALLS has their cautions and disclaimers out of the way, here are the steps to ensure you get the best results. TACTICAL WALLS has a video that is to be used as a supplement to show you how smoothly your install could be. The video is NOT to replace the proper written instructions but should rather be a visual reference. Please read and follow ALL of the written disclaimers and installation instructions before beginning.

Step 1

Get all of the proper tools to complete the job. Do not forget about your proper protective gear. long sleeve shirt, gloves, goggles or safety glasses, dust mask or respirator, and ear plugs if using power tools. Remove all jewelry, ring’s, necklaces, and earrings.

Step 2

CONFIRM YOUR WALL SPACE IS CLEAR AND EMPTY!! Failure to do so could result in INJURY or DEATH!

Step 3

Clear your work area around your desired install location. Cover any furniture with a tarp, drop cloth, or painters plastic to aid in a quick easy clean up.


Step 4

Use a stud finder to locate the space between two studs. Confirm you have 14.5 inches between the two stud edges before making and cutting your walls.



Step 5

Mark the four corners of the hole you need to cut.


Step 6

Before cutting the entire wall open, TACTICAL WALLS recommends that you cut a small hole within the area that will be the full size hole. This is done to check and confirm your wall is truly clear, and there are no surprises waiting for you. It is MUCH easier to patch a small hole than to repair a large hole because you got ahead of yourself. Do not skip this step!


Step 7

Once you are sure there is no other obstacles inside your desired cut area, cut out the full rectangle that you have marked with the template. Remove drywall cut-out away from wall.



Step 8

Slide your new insert into the hole you just cut. LOOKS good doesn’t it? Fight the urge to start putting guns in it and taking pictures and finish the job.


Step 9

Use the supplied screws to secure the insert to the two studs that run up the sides of the insert.


Step 10

Use the supplied screws and shelf to secure at a desired location within your insert.


Step 11

Depending on the package you bought you will now be doing one of the following:

Hanging your OWN picture or mirror over the insert
Installing the supplied hinged mirror
Installing the supplied hanging mirror