The Wireless Motion Sensor LED Lights are the perfect addition for our wall inserts or shelves! They provide up to 10 square feet of lighting with installation being a breeze.

The Tactical Walls Hide-A-Mag offers a quick and easy way to mount your firearm to any surface.

Pro Survival Kit Co makes their products in the USA, their Belt Pro is unmatched in simplicity and ease of carry. Most personal kits require you to remember to bring them along, but the Belt Pro goes everywhere you go.

These are tissue refills in the perfect size for the Issue Box. Standard 2-ply facial tissue in a package measuring: 

8.875″ long, 4.625″ wide, 2″ tall.

The magnetic keys are for use on all of our magnetic locking products. They are simple to use on our tables, mirrors, or shelves. The magnetic keys are neodymium/rare earth.  The pull force on these are about seven times stronger than your average refrigerator magnet.

Our shelves are a great addition for inside your insert or mirror bundle.  The shelves can be mounted to any height inside your insert.  They may be flipped upside down to use as a tray for smaller items.

These extremely strong magnets are perfect for holding small firearms or loaded magazines within your Tactical Wall.  Offered in different sizes.

Our Shotgun Shell Holder holds (6) 12 gauge shotgun shells. Simple to install!  Comes in a 2-pack.

Our Flashlight Hangers work great with most tactical flashlights that use A123 batteries. Flashlights will snap into the 1″ diameter clip. Also in the back of our Flashlight Hanger is a location to hold a knife or thin accessory.

Customize your shelf or table interior by laying out your gear and then use a razor to cut around each piece. Watch video demonstrations on this product page for tips and tricks.

Our SnapSafe In-Wall Safe, with an electronic numeric keypad lock, takes advantage of the unused space inside of standard 16″ on center walls. Perfect storage solution for smaller items, such as passports, jewelry, pistols, prescriptions, and anything else you might want to lock up for safekeeping.

Gift certificates are perfect for that special someone that wants a little of everything from our Tactical Walls’ store.  Makes a great gift for a stocking stuffer or a last minute birthday day gift.

Brush up on your coloring skills and see what color schemes you can come up with for a new firearm!